My degree and education are everything to me

I was forced out of school at 15 by parents who didn’t care. I knew that I could have done a lot better for myself but the only jobs I could get was catering and cleaning. I used to have dreams about going back to school. I had no confidence and low self-esteem.
Four years ago whilst serving customers in the restaurant by now in my middle forties I decided to go back to education. I am now at Goldsmiths University studying M.A Radio, Media Law and Ethics, I write features and plays I am apparently a star pupil and have finally found my place. I give my features to local radio stations and interview people that would not have given me time of day before. Some degrees are useless, but you can’t just say that they are all useless, when I pass I will be able to apply for jobs that were out of reach, I want to teach and motivate. I have met some wonderful people.
I am also satisfied and no longer have an empty space inside myself
So each to their own–degrees-are-worthless.html


4 thoughts on “My degree and education are everything to me

  1. Good for you. I went to uni in my late twenties after working as a waiter/bartender for nearly a decade. Best thing I ever did, going to uni as a mature student, openned the door to an international career in business.

    Education is always good. The degree is just a bonus, the real joy is the journey it takes you on.

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