All about Delores

My name is Delores and I love writing. I’m so glad we have this world of blogs where the “serious about writing” Brigade can get their thoughts written and published straight away to the world.

4 years ago I had a light bulb moment when I was at work as a waitress at a private members club. I realized that I would be nothing and die without ever trying to better my life, so I went back to education as a mature student and studied English and Radio Production. I did very well I worked for a Social Enterprise. I have written shows for two Community Radio Stations. I am a producer for Sydenham Community Radio Station.

I have an M.A in Media Law and Ethics and Radio Production at Goldsmith university, I’m so proud there were only sixteen places and hundreds of applicants.

I love community it means a lot to me.

I’m also lucky I work for a wonderful company Audioboo a Social Media site which hosts spoken word. Come and join us in the conversation.


I have written for a local free newspaper and had a piece retweeted by the South London Press. Two of my audio pieces have been featured by

I hope you enjoy my blogs, I don’t think for one second that I am a fantastic writer or broadcaster but I try to write and record as I think. Don’t we all.



4 thoughts on “All about Delores

    • Your welcome it is a dream of mine to go to Canada. I LOVED your pictures living and studying in London means I have to make the most of the surrounding areas and there are some lovely places.

  1. Hi Dee,

    It’s Val ‘the singingphotographer’ you met at the opening of Forest Hill Pools – dropping in to say hi and see what’s happening about that cuppa chaa we were supposed to have…
    Don’t have your number & the email link on the BOO site doesn’t bring up the email address…so have used my detecting skills and come via your blog…

    Apologies for the delay in touching base , it’s been full on …and is still actually…prepping to head off to gig in France over xmas & new year, learning & rehearsing new songs for the gig, working my way up to beginning my accounts pre departure, completing my PPi claims & sourcing fashion designers who want to dress me for the gig ( if you know any personally – pls send them my way), and…oh, and like you, trying to wean myself off the chocs and get back into fitness ( and into my slinky dinky frocks)…speaking of which, I’d better get off and go do some exercise.

    Congrats on passing your MA – such a bright spark…passing an MA deserves bright spark congrats!!! Waay to go! Does this mean that you are now going to go after Trevor McDonald’s former post…or are you thinking more on heading down the Oprah line?

    Let me know when you are free….
    07736 968 366 – The leap has been’s official, I am now a commission tauting, camera weilding photographer…spread the word..Offer still open for your freebie profile shoot as promised – with negotiation room for the rest of the staff profiles if still required…let me know…

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