Legal Aid Reform

What is going on?

The Pastime Lawyer

Access to legal aid is one of the fundamentals of the British legal system. An essential right afforded to all those who find themselves, whether through fault of their own or fault of another, in a vulnerable situation. Professional representation and expert advice, from someone you are contented to represent you, and whom you trust, is essential in these circumstances.

Chris Grayling in line with the cuts from George Osborne has proposed reforms that will ‘revolutionise’ the criminal justice system.  The reforms intend to, amongst other aspects; deprive the defendant the selection of a lawyer of their choice, and introduce Price Competitive Tendering (PCT) for legal aid contracts. In not just my opinion, but that of the Bar Standards Board, (BSB) Law Society and senior QC’s, it will undermine Britain’s international reputation for upholding justice.

The first aspect of the new system is that it will adversely affect access to…

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