Thank God it’s my birthday, oh yea it’s my birthday

Why do I love my birthday so much?

It’s not as if I have ever been overwhelmed with gifts and cards, no cars wrapped up in bows, no special key for my 21st with loving parents having a party for me. No they had sodded off to the West Indies by then and had no intention of ever coming back.

“Out of school”, she demanded, she being Margaret my mother. We were not particularly close I wanted her love and attention but I soon learnt that that would never happen. Got over it.

When I turned 21 I dumped the person who used to kick and bite the hell out of me. I don’t want to call him a partner because he was no partner of mine.

I heard he had a heart attack the other day I’m not shocked or surprised I wonder it didn’t happen sooner all that shouting and hitting. When I eventually got rid of the maniac he carried on beating every other woman who unfortunately ended up with it. yes IT.

Well today I wont get any presents or large boxes wrapped in ribbons. I have a great present already, my new education, my new job and people who think I’m good at my job. I wont allow anyone to tell me I’m stupid, mad or worthless I’m not any of those things.

When I was a waitress I wouldn’t take the job as team leader because I thought that I was stupid and worthless, it’s been a long time coming but at last I know the only person that held me back was me not my parents, children or any one else.

I cant believe that it took me so long to get it together but at the same time looking at it properly I could not have got to this place any sooner I was not ready but I am now.

I’m confident and happy and in love

with life.


5 thoughts on “Thank God it’s my birthday, oh yea it’s my birthday

  1. Good for you! “Nobody gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on movin” Keep on moving and finding reasons to be proud of yourself! Finding your strength and achieving your goals is the best gift you could had gotten.. and you gave it to yourself 🙂

    • looks as if we have a lot in common. I nearly cried when I read your warning to any man who tried it with you. I was looking at my ear this morning, it’s funny I have only just remembered now, but he bit it and it’s scarred but it was just a glance this morning. But that is the only thing I have of him. when I heard he had a heart attack I really wanted to celebrate but I’m not the nasty one he was, so whatever.
      I hope you are healing, I felt your pain. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you and happy birthday! No need to waste energy on celebrating his death anyway. Karma gets us all, this side or the other! And who bites people? What did he think he was Mike Tyson? Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  3. Dolores – please accept my birthday present to you wrapped in shiny paper with a brilliant bow.

    You are marvelous. You are wonderful. You are everything you will every need to be and have a bright and future awaiting you that will have love, laughter and success in it. You deserve all of this.

    We can never change the hurts and pain of our past. But we can make our future brighter.

    Happy Birthday.

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