I love poetry this is beautiful

I love poetry this is beautiful

The Doolittle Project

For pleasure, I translate Spanish poetry to English.

Antonio Machado is one of my favorites and this is my translation of one of his most famous poems.

If you search online, the most easily found translation of this particular Machado poem is probably the one by Robert Bly, which is nice, but sacrifices rhyme for his interpretation of the meaning. Bly’s book of Machado translations is on Google Books and you can read both the original and his translation.

I like my version because it takes a stab at the rhyme but also surfaces the spiritual tone. Machado was deeply religious and in this poem he is writing is about God and redemption.

There is also a lovely version by Willis Barnstone but you have to buy his book to read it!


Last night as I was sleeping” by Antonio Machado

Translated to the English by Katie…

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