Rowing The English Channel


On Thursday night eastlondonlines went along to the Ahoy Centre at Deptford to meet a group of friends who go by the name ‘Shock n Oar’.This group of friends are aged between 23 and 26 all young professionals and old school friends. They  have decided to row across the English Channel as a way of raising money for TheAhoy Centre which has been going since 2002. It helps disabled youth, adults and disavantaged youths who are at risk of commiting crime and schools also take part as an integral part of the work that they do.

Jack Nelson (Team Leader), Lucy Duxbury, Edward Stevens, Zac Russell, Sean Phillips, Sam Roach are the energetic team who are committed to raising £12,000 they say they thought of the idea after an evening out and one too many tipples, but they are now fully committed and have so far raised over £400, so not to much to go now.
They have a giving page  and a Facebook Page where you are able to donate all amounts gratefully received.
Lucy Duxbury the only girl among this group of friends said  “We are rowing in aid of the AHOY Centre which aims to remove social barriers and develop confidence and self esteem for young disabled people and youths at risk of offending. We wanted to support this charity because they do fantastic work in the community and as a small local charity they really do rely on the support from (brave or crazy) people like us! The money we raise really will have a huge impact on the work they are able to do and the children and young people they are able to reach.  We also wanted to do something a bit different to raise money and this challenge is certainly that! The sense of achievement at the end (if we make it!) will be incredible  We have no previous rowing experience but after a gruelling 3 months of training we hope to be ready to make our maiden voyage in early October.We have pledged to raise £12,000. Which we intend to do through sponsorship, bucket collections at stations and hosting events such as a music night and pub quiz. We will also be documenting our experience on a blog which will hopefully capture the interest of the local community and further afield. we are fully committed to achieving our goal and raising a fantastic amount of money for a great cause.”
 Speaking to Shock N Oars trainer, Bailey, a powerfully built Amazon lady who has worked for the centre for nearly four years, said “Youths coming along to the Centre have found It has been life changing.  Young people who would not have a chance to experience life on the waves and with low self esteem have stayed on and now contribute and help.” Volunteers are always needed in a variety of different roles.

They have a number of vessels that are specially adapted to allow access for the disabled, they also own a craft called The AHOY Freedom, which has state of the art equipment and  was especially  designed for  everyone regardless of their handicap, disability and ability  meaning anyone is able to skipper and steer.

Eastlondonlines will be keeping readers updated with the Shock N Oar group



2 thoughts on “Rowing The English Channel

  1. My 37 year old daughter is terminally ill. It scares me that I still have the pain that you describe so beautifully in your blog, ahead of me. You are a brave lady. You write beautifully – thank you for sharing yourjyourney!

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