Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

All over the BBC and international news are sensational stories. Gareth Williams the MI6 agent who was found dead in a bag. The rioters, the X list celebs we can’t stand. Four weeks ago I did some court reporting, I went along to see Laura Johnson stand trial for rioting, she was involved in the riots in Catford and the surrounding areas. I wanted to see her go to jail and be punished for coming into Catford where I live and ruining my well-being. It opened my eyes. What you read in the papers is not the whole truth, you get the sanitation, the edited version, what you read is not what you see. I went along to see justice done,I did see justice done Laura and her cohorts were found guilty and will be punished, but I don’t hate her anymore, I’m not annoyed with her anymore, she has a story as we all do. I listened to the most personal parts of her life, whether she liked it or not and I saw the complex human being that she is as we all are. I like her.
I went to the inquest of Gareth Williams, the spy and listened to his friends and family talk about him, he was a real person who lived a boring normal life and died in extraordinary circumstances but he was just like me and you. Weird, normal, boring. And he liked being tied up.

I like “My thing” It’s a secret, unless I die and it’s found out. No chance.

If you are interested in a prominent court case and have the day off go to the trial, you can go to any court room in the land, go to the public gallery and have a front row seat. I’m not saying you are going to end up liking everybody, but you may surprise yourself. Turn your phone off in court though, or you could end up in the dock yourself.
The saying “Never judge a book by its cover” has never for me been more real.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

  1. Very good article….made me look inwards…made me think of current local cases and how I hear it compared to what its like in court and to the people affected. A good article makes you think…thanks

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