My love song

𝄢You’ll never find as long as you live, someone who loves you tender like I do.  You’ll never find no matter where you search someone who cares about you the way I do.𝄢

These are the Lyrics to the classic tune by Lou Rawls, what a name.

I can’t give my age otherwise I will have to kill some people.

I was raised in Sydenham a little town in the borough of Lewisham. It is just on the borders of Crystal Palace, I must have been about blah blah blah.

My friends and I from the area would get dressed up (American baseball jackets were very popular and combats) and jump on the bus to the C.P.H.  Oy remember that girls and boys of Sydenham.

C.P.H was short for Crystal Palace Hotel, it is still on the roundabout at Crystal Palace I can’t remember the name of it now but we had some great times there. It was there I fell in love for the first time his name was Gary Johnson. I loved him so much, he was mixed race like me and I thought he was so grown up and handsome I couldn’t believe it when he actually said he liked me and wanted to dance with me. So we would  get into a formation and dance the night away, have a little snakebite and then go home our separate ways. He lived in Peckham which seemed so far away and exotic and scary, so we would get the same bus the 63 I would get off just six stops from Crystal Palace. I was only young so there was no sex involved just good old-fashioned first love.

One night he got off the bus with me and walked me down Wells Park Road. We stopped at the top of the road where the old monastery used to be, it had been gone a long time by then but there were rumours of ghostly monks.  We weren’t even thinking of that.

He took me in his arms for the first time and I held on tight and then he kissed me, I tell no lies I actually floated on air, the air of love.

The innocence of it just makes me feel so warm inside and I’m so glad that I remember it because with all the hardships I’ve had to endure it means that I have not become bitter and I have known love.

Thank you God of Love.


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