He threatened her, he beat her, he raped her. But first he said he LOVED HER!

The twelve days of Christmas are well and truly behind us now, but on the twelfth  day you are meant to bless your house and hope that this is going to be a safe and happy year for most, It was meant to be the day that the Three Wise Kings turned up to worship Jesus in his manger.  Some theologists’ believe  that it could have even been at least 2  years before the wise men turned.

I can’t identify a man I saw the other day,  but I can say that he used to beat his wife in front of their child she eventually left him,  I know this because I saw her in Tesco’s and she told me everything.

I was talking to a friend on Saturday when I saw an old man walking towards us.

My friend  said hello to him, at  first I thought I didn’t know this old man  then I recognised him it was the unidentified person, and he’s not old he’s just a woman beater, time and Karma are getting their revenge, wouldn’t a normal man who had a loving family be able to ask their wife or child to go to the shop for him because he is barely able to walk .

Well he can’t because they have left him and not only that, the shop that he was running for a few years is at the end of its road, the recession has no mercy on the weak and his shop was always weak, thing is though it could have been a lot better if it had some love in it. Wife and child would be good.

I stared at him for a long time because I couldn’t believe my eyes. He actually looked me in the eye and quite aggressively said “Yes?”   Fuck off  I thought.  Karma

I can identify the man who beat the hell out of me for five years and if he wants to sue me then go ahead Errol Randall father of my two children.  He wont though, he doesn’t have the brains to use the internet. In fact he doesn’t have any brains.

Errol was tall and handsome, light-skinned and slim,  I met him when I was 17, my parents had pissed off to the West Indies and I was left to cope with life on my own, looking for love I fell for the first man who told me that I was beautiful and wanted to be with me, within four weeks I had two black eyes and a lump on the side of my head that felt like a rotten peach.  I should have left him, yes I should have called the police but I didn’t I was a kid.  I stayed and the next five years of my life are what I describe as “The black years”.  I couldn’t think about them for a long time but I’m over that feeling now and I certainly can think about it and I can write about it.

I lost friends over that asshole. I would walk down the road and men that I had known since I was a child would  say hello and I would ignore them.  One male friend was so upset that even now if I see him he just about says hello to me, we were good friends some people would say that he should have been more understanding, but how was he to know that my life was hell I tried to hide it’, I wasn’t very good at it though every one knew  he was beating the shit out of me.

What I’m really try to get at is don’t be an asshole, don’t beat your woman, don’t just settle down with any woman if you really like someone else, do the right thing, but if you do hit and beat your wife and child be warned, you are annoying Karma and you will pay for that Karma does not like people fucking about with it.

Ladies you deserve better, the first time a man ever lays his hands on you leave, walk out the door and never look back, if you think that you can change him you are living in cloud cuckoo land, the first time that he ever hits you will never be the last, it is just the beginning. if you are a young girl and you think that his hitting you is a way of him expressing his love for you, then I can assure you that you are deluded, he actually probably hates you.

If he loved you he would never put his hands on you, that go’s for all relationships, single sex relationships, any relationship that you are meant to be happy in and your meant to be friends.

Ask your self one question.  Would you let your best friend hit you?

 If they hit you they  don’t love you.





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