I have a cat suit that I wear for me not a man

I definitely would have been a cat. Not that I’m a cat lady or anything like that, you know someone who has loads of them roaming the house, but I like the way they relax, this includes stretching, lying in the most unlikely places the edges of things that no human could or would want to. I like the way their eyes light up when they see something they want to play, kill, or interact with. mmm, mouse. I had a cat called Princess she was thirteen when she suddenly aged overnight became an old lady and died. I was so upset it made me cry that was two years ago. The shocking thing was that nobody cared and some people even laughed and made fun of me so I had to stop telling people that “my cat has died” sob.

She was a Persian but I believe she had been over bred, so for all of her life she had breathing problems and her eyes would run, I would have to keep them clean. I know disgusting if your not into cats.

I love the way they clean themselves and the way they don’t need any friends, they get their own food unless they are really spoilt in which case they will probably die.

she lived to be older than my son and for that alone I had a special attachment, I know this sounds mad but I used to call his name when she was there just to watch her ears prick up, as if she understood the name I was calling. She was pure white and had yellow eyes and made the most terrible sounds sometimes when she would get blocked up. I totally understand why some people thought she was ugly and sneezy but I loved her. Also now I understand how much she did for me. Once I was getting ready for work and she was acting very strangely, jumping around my feet and sitting staring at me then I noticed it, A huge great dead rat in my living room, What a GIRL. I love her. I went to a party recently and bought a cat suit, it’s meant to be worn as a sexy suit for your man, but I wear it as normal wear ha ha ha ha. I wore it to my friends birthday party and was so tempted to wear it to the Rugby grounds, but stopped myself as I already have a name without being The Nutty Woman as well

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