Today I die or nearly!!!!

On Monday evening with bright lights flashing, bright clothing and big pink bag I was involved in a very nasty accident which I can’t quite believe that I have come out of alive.

A man in his tiny little car which he had filled with four other people pulled up outside his block of flats and after probably showing off to his friends he flung open his car door just as I was gathering speed.  My life flashed before my eyes I kid you not.  A very short shit life so far, and just as it gets better someone wants to kill me.

I was on my way home and the next thing I know a  car door is blocking my path. How I have survived with just bruises to my arm, knee, toes, chest and hands is amazing , I can only think that as he opened the door I had a second to react, I must have taken that option and pulled on my brakes and maybe swerved, what makes me think that is only one half of my body is bruised, the front wheel of my bike is completely destroyed and the mans car door would not shut, no matter how manically he tried to shut it.

The thing is this morning when I went to the sick bike hospital Halfords,  Roy the lovely bike maintenance man told me that three young men had been in that morning after being knocked off their bikes. What is it?  Are the autumn days making people not bother to look in the mirrors that are stuck on the sides of their cars, Or do people really need to have it drummed in to their heads when they are doing their theory tests, Look in your side mirror.  Do they still have the old instruction, Mirror, signal, manoeuvre.

I know a lot of motorist think that cyclist are a bloody nuisance, I’m not one of them. I don’t go through red lights, I let buses go and not try racing past and then hold everyone up. I’m a woman so a lot of motorist are careful of me, yet there are people whether they are in a car or not,  have no empathy for others and live in a world where it is only them that matter.

Please don’t be one of these people, if I had died a lot of people would have been sad, my daughter would be devastated and my grandchildren would have no-one to take them Rugby training, or to the park to swing them really high or go on the new see-saw that is made for 10 people.  I wouldn’t cheer people up by smiling at a complete stranger everyday or showing men in vans what they think are my knickers, and have them thank me  idiots but it makes them happy

I wouldn’t complete my University course that I have strived for and for that alone I would come back to earth and haunt you, The Exorcist could not compete with what I would do to you, you would never have peace.


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