Blond Fist, with the fantastic Margi Clark, and Never Ending Story

Women’s Boxing ? ….. (158/365)

Oh how much do I love this film Blond Fist, it features Margi Clark and was set in Liverpool. I love Liverpudllian humour, so witty and straight to the point. It is the story of a woman who is in love with no good man and she sets off to America to trace her father who was a boxer. There are some classic lines, such as “When you’ve finished with yer face, Jabba the hut wants his arse back” my son and I would roar with laughter at that line and in fact before he died and he was in hospital, we would have wrestling matches and the first person who said it too each other would just laugh so much. Thinking of those days are happy memories for me, even though the circumstances of Richie in hospital were not good.

Another film that I loved was Never ending story, My children and I would often watch this film and yet again this was a film that Richie would watch yet there is a line in that film that stayed with me for a very long time, the Rock Eater describing how he couldn’t save his friend “Even with my big strong hands I couldn’t save them” I felt like that about my son. I have seen this film since but it is with bittersweet memories.

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