"You are ugly, not him. Shame on you, shame"

I suppose that even if you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, you would have to take them as they are, so first all the haters, stop hating and be kind, stop being racist and understand that we are all human but have different cultures.

Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, such a cliche I know but it really does work. Sometimes I look at someone and think what a dick, but I quickly think “oh maybe your the dick Delores, and you would hate that if you thought that somebody thought that about you” that normally sorts me out.

Stop hitting children and being mean to them, do you remember when you were a little boy or girl? do you remember how horrible and unfair it felt when some one was awful to you? You do, then stop it.

Do you stare at someone because they are born with a deformity, I looked out of my window the other day and saw what I considered one of the bravest men I have probably seen, not met, his face was a massive tumour on one side, it looked completely deformed, he was walking down the road with his friend. I live on a very busy main road where there seems to be a traffic jam for nearly 12 hours a day. I watched people in their cars straining to have a good look at him, they were open mouthed, they were turning in their seats and talking excitedly about him, I really wanted to scream, “you are ugly, not him, shame on you all, shame.” when you get your fat days, or your bad hair days, think about that lovely brave man.

In fact Mr and Mrs vain, do you obsess with your looks? oh another wrinkle showing up, what are you going to do? I know get some plastic surgery that will make you feel better, NOT. Unless you are like that lovely brave man who would probably love to have a so called normal face, get over yourselves and live a full and meaningful life, that doesn’t mean being rich or famous it means living a happy, contented life, be it rich or poor, if your rich, get on your knees and say thank you, if your poor do the same thing and just be grateful that you can read, can watch the telly, can write, can walk, talk, laugh, and finally think.

Do you watch the telly and say “oh another appeal for money?” Yes there is another appeal for money, because as long as there is life on this earth then people will need help and your money. Have you never asked for help? what never? The time, a light, directions. food for your starving baby? Don’t be mean.

If this means nothing to you then good luck, but one thing I must warn you, all the plastic surgery in the world will not stop you growing old, and wrinkling, you will lose your looks, you will lose your youth, you will become a joke among the young. You will probably be alone as you will try to keep up with the kids and your more mature friends the ones you pissed off will be having their lives without you. You will seem very delicate in a really sad way to outside eyes and everyone will know that you are scared. Scared of dying and you have not even lived

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One thought on “"You are ugly, not him. Shame on you, shame"

  1. Well said… er… written. People stare at men/women with deformities. The first thing I think of is how brave they are and how lucky I am not to have what they have. They are more braver than I shall ever be.

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