Charlie owns the Sweet shop down the road

me in an English sweet shop

My friend Charlie owns the sweet shop down the road. He has been in there since he was a child. It was his parents shop and when I first moved to the area they were still running the shop and he had a very horrid dog that would always bark and be unfriendly.

He is a lovely man and has helped all of us locals, if we had no money he would give us tick even though he moaned doing it. You had to be a bit humiliated but he would always give in. It is very hard for small shop owners at the moment because we have all these big companies taking over and opening supermarket like sainsbury’s Savacentre which was built down the road from him. When it first opened it was very hard for charlie and with the recession he is really struggling. and then to top it all Tesco’s opened an e express store just up the hill. so he has two large shops to contend with.

he is open every day selling newspapers, fags and all the small essentials that you forget when you go to the big shops and then can’t be bothered to go back and buy. He is more expensive but you can’t stand and have a gossip with the staff in Sainsbury’s who now wear ear pieces to communicate with each other. you can’t open the papers and have a good slagging off session with them like you can with Charlie. You can’t run in and leave your bag in Sainsbury’s and shout “look after these Charlie, I wont be long” he opens at 9.30 every morning and closes at 10.30 on the dot. I think he is lonely but would never say so. I love charlie, he should have a girlfriend and he should get out more, he should have a laugh. If I had loads of money I would send him a very large amount of money so he could pay off his debts and free him from the drudgery of his life. My darling friend Charlie.

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One thought on “Charlie owns the Sweet shop down the road

  1. Dolores please see here:-

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    Jean Beckley, Lewisham resident of 42 years, member of the local safer neighbourhood panel and active in her local assembly, is Lewisham Council’s latest website guest editor.

    The Council is offering any resident the chance to edit a page on its new website. The guest editors are invited to nominate their five favourite things about their own bit of the borough. Jean’s nominations include Lewisham shopping centre, the DLR and the area’s feelgood factor: “The community spirit around Lewisham is great. You see all sorts of people walking around. I think we have good community relations.”

    The development of this new website is key to the Council’s wider transformation and cost-cutting programme. With the new website, people will be increasingly able to choose to access the Council and its services in ways and at times that are more convenient to them. At the same time it will reduce the Council’s costs and help staff to work more efficiently.
    To be a guest editor visit and go to ‘In my area’.

    Paul Bell

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