Leave the Police alone, where would we be without them?


I would like to reply to an article written by Brian Reade in last weeks Daily Mirror in which he asked people to look once again at a picture of a stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival.  He calls it a snap shot of the state of modern Britain.

I’m incensed I wonder did Brian write about the disgracful punch-up at Royal Ascot, If not maybe he would like to write a piece about that state of affairs.

I have done what he asked and looked very closely at the picture of the stabbing.

Lets start with you saying that you can see people filming the incident, how does he think he can see the man in the picture with the knife, if it wasn’t for the person on the other side of the camera he probably wouldn’t have a story, same for the image of the young boy who got mugged on the bridge in the riots, what does he want to see it with, insight.  How does Brian think that the police have arrested so many people after the unrest in the country, loads of people filmed the looters and then handed their images to the police.

I’m not a great fan of the carnival but I love the music and the atmosphere, but not the crowds so I usually get there early, like most law-abiding people and leave at a time before the crush gets to much, I’m not the only one, but too get a good view on some parts of the routes people stand on doorsteps, people who live on the route are to be found sitting on window sills and get involved without leaving their houses, makes sense to me.  He says that all these people standing around looking and not getting involved, but there are two men running towards the man who got stabbed and of course the hero of the moment the wonderful man from Russia who tried to trip the assailant up hardly a scene of everybody doing nothing. And then to add insult to injury he calls the police bemused, how many seconds do you expect it to take to take a snapshot.  Things happen so fast that it probably took just a few seconds for the crowd to part and the police to take some action, do you think that there are a million police walking the streets of the carnival?  I think it’s time for the press to stop police thumping and give them a break.

Here in Catford we had an awful time with the looters and troublemakers.  I watched as twelve police officers stood up to a crowd of over a hundred looters and they did not budge an inch even when faced with a man trying to incite the crowd to murder, and for three days before the carnival there was a very heavy police presence with officers from Birmingham, Wales, (same officers) who were pictured, Staffordshire and Kent police and I can tell you that the majority of Catford residents were extremely happy to have them in the area. I wish they were here all the time

I hate to say this, I’m a mixed race woman who was born in London in the sixties and have had to put up with so much rubbish and racism, not as bad as full blacks but bad enough, but I almost feel as though this article is inciting racism.  I have tripped a thief up myself and I’m no superwoman, it’s a spur of the moment thing, not to take away from the marvellous Valentine Simatchenko but for God’s sake get a grip and report sensibly not sensationally.



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