everybody who was ever kind and wise


This is a very hard question to answer,

The teacher in School who had an idea that my home life was crap, Miss Collins, She said that my humour would get me through life, I have never forgotten that.

The lady who said that my eye lashes were so black they were blue, nobody had said anything that nice to me before.

The people who stayed in doors and did not get involved in the looting of Britain.

My friend Maura, who tried so hard to find the right words when Richie was killed, she put the accident in perspective and the words stuck,

Julia, my tutor from Lewisham College who treated me like a child and adult all at the same time.

My tutor Sheila from Lambeth College who told me to allow the giraffe out and keep the hyena in. I know what she means

The writer of Educating Rita, I love that film and it is me. cheers

Finally Kate Smith, my working class mate, who I have know for ever, she has always encouraged me, and quite firmly puts me in my place by calling me "A Prick", when she feels it nescessary. She is smart, funny and I love her.

By the way when she calls me this it always makes me roar with laughter and she coyly looks at me as it pleases her that she can make me laugh like a fishwife.

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