Slimy Oysters

Oyster frown

I can not believe that I love Oysters,

I worked at a fishmongers for a little while and I remember a little french boy coming in early with his mummy and they were being very french, oh bonjour, and all that. When all of a sudden his mum said," la , la, la, la, or something like that and then asked Julian the fishmongers if her little boy could have an Oyster. I was horrified and my lip curled up, and they opened it up and popped it in his little mouth.

uuurrrrrrrrrrrrr, yuck, disgusting.

Being a very curious person I decided that I wanted to understand why that little boy would think that oysters are the sort of thing that you eat for your breakfast. So I opened one, didn't look to closely and popped it into my mouth, OH MY GOD, it was beautiful, I love the sea and as Britain is an Island you can realalistically be by the sea in two hours. I love the sea side, I love Rock, and sand, and sun, and sea, I like sandy shoes, and being hot, I love fish and chips for tea and I love the pavilions and promonades, I love stripes, windbreaks and I love oysters, They taste of the Sea Side.

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2 thoughts on “Slimy Oysters

  1. Hi – D, we have a community library, set up two years ago now when our local council decided it wasn’t worth carrying on for the rural community. We added a bit of tourism info, an internet cafe and a proper cafe with t n’ coffee. Its run by us in the village and we got grants and things to do the development stuff. Out here in the wilds we have to do a lot of community stuff as central gvt doesn’t think there are any people outside of the big cities. Pubs, post-office, food shops, (even the snow-ploughs) are often only in existance because the community comes together to make it happen. Several villages own and run their pubs/shops now. Rural transport is difficult tho. Too much £££ to run – all subsidies gone. Deisel fuel here is £145 a litre. Old folk and disabled no longer able to get out. Most rural post-offices had a shop but nearly all P.Os closed down over last two years by central gvt responding to EU legislation. So the shop goes too. Who cares? Not the gvt thats for sure! At least there are no shops to trash out here!!

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