I’m not saying I feel fruity, but I could do with a cuddle

Guess what happened tonight?

It was like the blitz, I wasn’t born in the war but I know what it must have been like, the Germans dropping bombs and the British saying “get lost Hitler, your not beating us.”

Having sing songs in the underground and still being upbeat. They won’t beat us.

Same thing happened after the bomb explosions in July 7 2005 on the London underground and buses, the very next day all public transport was up and running and I know this because I went up to London and spoke to all the other like minded people like me who happen to love our town and would not be frightened off our trains, and buses.

Apparently it was quite promiscuous in the war with people trying to live life to the full  because they feared they may die at any time, I read an article about Israel and they have a great social scene as well.   I not saying I feel fruity, but I could do with a cuddle.

After the horror of last night, tonight was like being in an oasis.   The shops had all shut early and most businesses in London had shut early to protect there staff.

Yet there were still shops who stayed open to serve their communities, Percy Ingles in Lewisham high Street who stayed open to feed the office workers who hadn’t gone home,

Chas’s on Catford Hill who stayed open until late.

The fish and chip shop on Perry Hill, who had a fantastic night because people wanted comfort food of the good old sort to make themselves feel better after all we have all been traumatised.   We are in shock.

The Perry Hill Pub on Perry Hill, run by the fantastic Sandra Morris.


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