Catford is Raped.

The chickens come home to roost

Tonight I watched Catford get raped.

I left my house to go to a friends and noticed two police helicopters hovering above. I got to my friends and as I walked in they all started laughing and asking had I got any loot. I looked at the telly and saw Lewisham in the middle of a riot. I jumped on my bike and some might say foolishly went down into catford on my way to Lewisham, the first indication that something was wrong was the man walking towards me with a balaclava hiding his face and holding two JD Sports bags, as I arrived in Catford Town Centre I saw hundreds of young men and woman running out of the alley way from the car park of JD Sports and McDonald’s, so I cycled along the one way system and came into the front of the shopping centre it was mayhem. The front shutters of JD sports had been decimated they were like locusts.

it was like a never ending wave of people pouring in and out, they went in empty and came out laden with clothing and footwear. Footballs games were played, men were walking away with footballs under there arms. it was the most frightening scene I have ever witnessed, I was terrified but I couldn’t leave, I stayed there for at least an hour but the police did not come. The road running next to the car park was so busy with people going home from work. They looked amazed, remember the majority of citizens of Catford and Lewisham are just ordinary people not gun toting thugs.

It was chaos. I saw men in cars pouring into the car park going into the store coming out and filling there cars up with stolen goods. It was a mixed crowd, young boys and girls, older men, I saw a family of what looked like eastern Europeans, vans of travellers mainly young men. Cars came screeching in they had blacked out windows, I saw a young male driver hyped up smash the wheel of his car on an island, nearly tipping his car, he looked more embarrassed at smashing his car than being seen stealing. In fact everyone looked proud of themselves. The woman were just as bad. I saw three young girls they could not have been more than sixteen, carrying at least three pairs of trainer each, they looked highly delighted. They were proud and did not hide their booty.

They were mainly a poor looking crowd, all dressed in sports wear even though they do no exercise whatsoever. A poorly dressed mob, all looking for new clothes.

Lidl the food store was not touched. It’s not food they were after. As I mentioned in another blog of mine there are at least 20 fast food shops in Catford everyone eats fried chicken and chips

A shout went up and a crowd of about 20 men turned their attention on the bingo hall. They ripped the shutters open as if they were made of paper and crawled in

they later emerged with a flat screen TV and a drawer from a cash till. They were proud and the crowd of onlookers were laughing and encouraging


I actually felt physically sick, I thought I was going to vomit. I felt so ill for human beings, it was like I had a picture of what Humans behave like in a Genocide. They have no compassion, no morals, they stripped that shop like a beast gnawing at the bones of it meal.

I felt compelled to stay, I live in Catford and was born in sydenham in a much kinder time. What has spawned this generation of disrespectful, foul, unfriendly monsters. I must stress that the majority of young people are lovely and intelligent. I came across a group of Christians who had come down to pray for the town. All young all confident. I wonder if they will one day become the role models we so badly need.

I cycled down into Rushy Green and heard an uproar, it was a large crowd of thugs looting Argos.

I stood opposite the store and watched the wild crowd swarming in and out of the large whole they had managed to produce in the centre of the window.

And then I noticed them, an elderly couple in the middle of a wrecked and obliterated opticians, the whole front of the store was gone, there was no door nothing it was as if a bomb had gone off and taken the front of the shop off. They were cuddling each other and begging the crowd to stop, or I assume that’s what they were doing. They went back into the shop and stood there petrified. I couldn’t stop myself even though I was petrified I ran over and begged them to leave the shop, she looked at me with miserable, sad, scared eyes and said “I can’t,I’m scared.” her husband said “Come on it’s better outside” but she was terrified and I don’t blame her there must have been at least a hundred people outside the front of their shop, shouting and grabbing and running with there stolen goods. It was like being in a biblical scene of debauchery, a true Armageddon. I stretched my hand out to her and begged her to hold my hand. She hesitated and I threw my wild card at her I said, “I work for a local radio station” she seemed assured at that, she grabbed my hand and let me lead her through the mad, greedy,stealing, no good crowd, and across the road.

Her husband told me that the were going to retire in two weeks time. Looks like there retirement came early.

Lets get one thing right here, this was not a predominately black crowd, there were people of all ages and cultures, black and white, men and women, all together as one.

As we crossed the road at last the first police vans turned up, they parked in front of Argos and the crowds of boys brazenly throwing bottles and bricks and anything else, a man approached the police and screamed at the top of his voice nearly in the policeman’s face, “kill the fucking Babylon” I was so scared not for me but for the policemen. If the crowd had really turned it would have been nasty, but they were big coppers and did not look scared.

I returned to my home and on the way saw a man going to his hidden stash of computers and as I passed Halfords this is the killer, I arrived as a large group of policemen had released their dogs to look for looters, they returned with two men at that very moment they had a call and let one of the looters free, as soon as they left. The highly delighted man ran straight back into Halfords and stole a bike. I’m gutted for our area.

I want to move.



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