I can work out liars, people who are not interested and people who love me.

Smack bang in the middle.

I will look a person right in the eye when they are telling me a story. I record Audio for a community Radio station and for my own personal audio blog.

I feel it is very important to keep eye contact at all times, I nod encouragingly, the reason for that is, a lot of people say. “Oh I don’t know what to say”, or “my voice is really horrible”. That can’t be true, first most people have nice voices, and if I want to record you it’s because you have something of interest. I find that if I keep eye contact the person will talk to me in my eyes, sounds weird, but they feel more confident just looking at me.

If I can’t stand someone I will not give them any eye contact whatsoever, But if I’m being rude and know it, I will drag my eyes up, smile, listen but then lose all interest again and look away.

I’m quite a confident person, so I know the value of looking someone in the eye, I can work out, liars, people who are not interested, or people who love me. I have one particular friend who is so flighty she is always looking around for the next person to look at, she is a nightmare to have a conversation with, and will hardly look me in the eye, in fact we hardly have conversations, I say “Hello, how are you?” and she instantly starts looking around, actually I have to be honest and say even though she is my friend, she is part of a group of friends who I have known for years, but we have had some bust ups in the past. I love her but I don’t like her.

I can’t do unblinking intimidator? Unless I’m threatened then every instinct that has allowed me to survive, will kick in and you are going to be stared down. I normally win as I have a nasty look to go with it. But please don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person and will often seek out strangers to give eye contact to and a smile. It lifts the day.


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