Take my thoughts away. I don't think so

I have a coping mechanism that makes me just silently go away never to been seen again.

If someone is so awful, then what the hell are you doing having them in your life for longer than possible. I remember a quote, "We are as significant to the universe, as an oyster is to us". It's your life don't let awful people ruin the very short time we have on earth.

If you have to work with someone that you would like to banish, I find the best way of dealing with that is to do what no one on this earth can do,( take your thoughts away) go inside your head and just have great awful thoughts about them. I remember this policeman was so horrible to me once and it felt so unfair because he said if I spoke back to him once more I was going to be arrested. So I told him quite plainly "I'll shut my mouth but you can't stop me thinking" and then I went silent and stared at him. Oh the things I called him in my head, it was abuse at it's purest form.

He was so uncomfortable that he actually tried to get me to talk, I wouldn't it was my head, he was banished

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