Food Eating Contests

I did.

Not really something that I would condone, but I was starting off in radio and had just started to produce for a local on-line presenter and he came up with the ludicrous idea of an eating competition. It would involve Jaffa cakes and the person that I was up against was always going to win.

He weighed at least 25 stone and obviously had a huge appetite.

I remember thinking I don't want to do this but just got caught up in being Miss Good Girl, up for anything, have a laugh. What a mistake.

It tested everything I had ever fought against.

now I love a biscuit or two, but not 30 or 40. I can't remember how many I ate, because I felt so ill I just wanted to get up from my chair and get the hell out of there and have a lie down. The studio had a web cam and I had to try and stay positive the whole time, this is when my struggle really began. I have a lot of compassion and hate cruelty to anybody or anything.

but my competitor just loved the fact that he was going to beat me no matter how many I tried to eat they would never match his score.

I turned my nausea and anger at this stupid competition towards him, the camera caught me quite clearly deteriorating very rapidly as I ate possibly my last jaffa cake. I didn't want it to be the last but no way on Gods earth was I going to beat this man. I suddenly had the clearest image of this man, he couldn't compete with my fitness and slimness, but he was going to beat me because he eats so much, that he is morbidly obese. He had started to sweat because he was matching me two to one, I had thirty he had sixty. He stunk, his eyes were peering out at me from great fat face and I actually hated him. for that split second I thought he was a great fat pig and I wanted to shout that at him " You great fat pig" it was on the tip of my tongue, I could actually feel my face starting to snarl. I had never disliked someone so much in all my life. I didn't I kept my mouth shut and very soon it was over.

The thing is I would never, ever bring attention to anybody anything personal that would hurt them. I have always considered peoples feelings, but that day I nearly lost it and I will never let that happen again. After that I became much more assertive and the presenter had to stick to my ideas, and if he came up with anything I would vet it thoroughly

A lady actually rang in and said that we should be presenting him with an application form to Britains Biggest Loser, not a winners award. I felt justified.

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