I have an adventure in my head

I have an adventure in my head

I have no cures I'm afraid, normally I just lie there and eventually drop off, but since I have discovered sites like Plinky, I can now write. which I have never tried before.

I remember years ago, I would read books by the light shining in from the street lights, and particularly the night I took about 10 of my mums pills in a suicide bid. I was about 12, I had a sad childhood, more scary than sad, but looking back makes it sad. All the pills did was give me a stomach ache.

I used to love having the radio on at night, just low playing Magic FM, something smooth like that. I don't do that any more because if I fall asleep and I thought that it sounded quite low, at three in the morning when you do actually wake up it sounds as if the radio is on the hightest volume.

For some reason I have lost all interest in reading,except reading the answers to the questions here, I think because they are real. God know why, I don't. I used to love my books and they were always guaranteed to make me sleep.

Actually I do a lot more thinking these days. So if I really want to sleep I just start a lovely adventure in my head and go along with that, in fact it is working My eyes are burning , I'm turning my laptop off and I'm going to sleep.


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