I was in love until











I’m a funny person, as a lot of us are.

I’m not a man hater I love men, but the past couple of years I have been so busy that I haven’t really met anyone that I like. I live in a busy area and there are a lot of Asian shops selling meat, clothes, mobile phones and that is where it all began, my love story.

I would make sure that I put my make-up on, gel my hair and stick my hair piece on before going anywhere near his shop, I say a shop but it is a space in a shop, I have noticed lately that shops have a section set aside which people rent, and I’m going to assume that this man rents this space.

He has the most amazing head, it is regal and he looks like a prince, a very, very handsome prince, his hair is long, shiny and black. His smile melts my heart and when he shouts out “Good Morning Princess” I would feel like a princess, girly and silly I would even linger a bit over some cheap sweet stuff that I would never eat in a million years. I say would because I had the most terrible shock the other morning.

It was early and the sun was shining, this spring weather really is putting a spring in every ones step. For some reason I did not have my bike and was going to catch a bus. I got down to the Town Hall in Catford when I saw my prince on his bike.

My world came crashing down my Prince has a defect. No I’m not shallow but if the man that you have had a fantasy about for the last couple of months

ll I can say is it was a lovely fantasy while it lasted but all dreams must come to an end and real life must out.uple of months, (admittedly I had only seen the top half of him, because he is always sitting down behind his counter) if you saw your fantasy man who from the waist up could be any height up to six foot, turns out to have the shortest, skinniest legs in the world would it not destroy your dream as well.

I have been burnt but I will not let anything get in the way of my rich fantasy life, so I will keep on dreaming until Mr Right comes along.


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